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Furaha allows me to visit my barber without waiting hours to be seen. Even without an appointment!
Alan King
Busy Professional
Where has this app been all my life!! It is so simple to use and its free everyone should be on it!
Joanne Foster
My Yoga class has gone fully virtual. This is awesome. Serenity is really a single tap away
Marienne Jones
Working from home

More than one reason to love Furaha

Standard Service
Say goodbye to long waiting hours. Book your next beauty appointment on Furaha in a single tap.
Mobile Service
Can't go out? Stay in control by inviting shapers to your location with a single tap.
Virtual Service

Wellness and meditation through our unique virtual service. Connect remotely from the comfort of your space with a single tap.

You’ll love the features of Furaha.

Enhance your beauty and lifestyle booking experience.

Built in payments
Booking notifications
Instant bookings
Personalised Feeds

See what these users had to say

Furaha is the easiest way to looking good and feeling great. These users have tried Furaha, see what they had to say.
Visiting my stylist came with a three hour wait. Now I can find someone on short notice. Love it.”
“It has always been hard to find someone for my make up. With Furaha, make up artist are available always”
Mary Goddard
Fashion Designer
“My barber is on Furaha. Booking him is as easy as tap, tap, tap. I can even go for a walk instead of waiting.”
Eli Gold

Furaha is free to download

Download Furaha today and experience the joy on beauty. Instant bookings, notifications, experiences and more. Available on iOS and Android.

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