Trending massage techniques


Stress, mental health, low immunity, poor physical fitness, and pain management have some people worried. However, all these can be taken care of by adhering to proper massage therapy. We have investigated some unique and trending massage techniques that you should try out.

Ashaitsu: With origins dating back thousands of years, ashaitsu involves the massager walking barefoot on the clients back. This is in order to give great relaxation as well as pain reduction. It is recommended for people with damaged chronic soft-tissues.

Javanesse massage: This involves the massager employing every part of their hand while performing the therapy. Javanesse massage aims to reduce joint and muscle pain.

Watsu: People with stress, pain, and stiff muscle will find Watsu the best therapy for them. It’s unique in that it employs the regular massaging but combines dancing and muscle stretching. Watsu, is usually carried out in relatively warm water.

As time goes by, massage therapy techniques will continue to evolve and incorporate new modalities that will yield remarkable positive results to solve the client’s desires.

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