Nail ideas and art 💅🏾


Despite the prevalence of Covid-19, new ideas in nail arts are still being put into practice. Among the best and trending nail and wellness are:

In the stars: This innovation in nail art is all that you need to try out to with its amazing cosmic, zodiac-themed with beautifully crafted setup of stars-and-moon.

Shades of Blue: You can’t afford to miss out on this trending classic blue nail art more, especially if you prefer something unique and with incredible, mysterious features. It comes with different variations of blue color.

Thin French manicure: This nail art for a fresh breath of air combines pure black and pure white colors with double stripes distinguishing the two. 

Gradient Nails: it is one of the best in nail beauty as it applies the easiest, simple, beautiful Romanic colors with no necessary arts done on the nails that you ought to try it out. 

Gradient nail art

Nail art will always change with time, but being cool and classy is what a beautiful lady will always desire. Perfectly done, nail art will always give the best impression by raising you to a higher and admirable standard. With the above trends than you will always stand out among your peers.

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