Fabulous anywhere with Furaha Virtual

Connect with makeup artists, stylists, yoga coaches and more, all from the comfort of your sofa with Furaha Virtual.

Do more with Furaha

See how you easily can connect with beauty service providers on the Furaha platform. With Virtual, you can also do it remotely.
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    Download the free app

    Furaha is free to download. Simply tap the link below to get started to send a text message to your phone.

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    Discover a shaper

    There are thousands of providers on Furaha and more are joining each day. Find a shaper to get started on the app.
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    Book and Relax

    Once you are matched with the perfect shaper and service, simply book and relax. Furaha does all the heavy lifting for you.

Why use Virtual

Furaha Virtual is a one of a kind service that makes it easy to connect to your favourite Shapers. See how we connect you.

With Furaha Virtual, you don't need any other software, it works right our of the Furaha app with no need for additional downloads.

Classes, one 2 ones and more, on Furaha Virtual, you can really express yourself and discover new services.

Go Virtual

What are you waiting for, Furaha Virtual is free on the free Furaha app. Also, there is no need for additional downloads.

Features List

See what makes Furaha Virtual Special. You really have to try it to believe it.

Built in

No need for additional downloads. Furaha Virtual is built into the awesome Furaha app.

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Crystal Clear

Backed by powerful video technology, Furaha Virtual delivers crystal clear audio and video.

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Join a class, 10, 50 or 100 people. Furaha Virtual makes it easy and fun.

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Engage and Stream

Connect with people in your Furaha Virtual session with built in chat services.

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Customers are lovin’ it

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“Porting in to Jumpstart is a breeze.
“Jumpstart is a dream come true.”
“This company always turns out quality.”
“Jumpstart is, well... It's pretty great.
“Put your money into this company now.”

Ready to experience virtual?

No time to waste, a world of virtual awaits you. Experience Furaha Virtual on the Furaha App.