Hair and Makeup Trends 2020


Beauty trends come and go, of course. That’s how trends work. Hair and makeup are the most common things that people love to change up. It’s not expensive to do so and it’ll get noticed without being permanent.

For both men and women, messy hair or bed head hair is a common trend along with beach waves. These stylish trends are easy to create and can be very different for men and women. Ethnicity can also determine said trends. Adding hair gel, for instance, can make hair pliable enough to side sweep a part that will create a “messy look”. Curling irons and hair wave tools can create beachy waves on men and women whose hair is long enough.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

For women, braids are as trendy as ever but do require patience to create and maintain. Dying the braids bright colours have also become very trendy for black braids as well as for lighter haired people of any ethnicity.

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For men, a “man bun” is quite trendy right now. It is simply pulled back hair that is long enough for a short ponytail and wrapped around itself to create “the bun”. Some use styling gel to get it to stay or to sleek it back and make it a bit neater.

Clean beauty and pro-age beauty will become more popular as well as probiotics and anti-pollution skin health. Popular demand has developed a need for cosmetic companies to list all ingredients used in their cosmetics so consumers can verify raw materials contain chemicals they don’t want on their skin, hair and nails. Women and men over the age of 45 are a large part of cosmetic consumers, so companies are targeting looks for older people that embrace their age rather than try to hide it.

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