Staying afloat during Covid-19 uncertainty


Although covid-19 is still affecting many businesses, you can ensure your business thrives by implementing some methods to keep your customers and employees safe.

One of the most important measures you can take is minimising contact between clients and employees. This cannot be easy when you’re in the beauty industry. Still, you can reduce the risk level by implementing virtual bookings and eliminating the waiting rooms. Furaha Virtual is a great service to get started selling virtual classes.

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You can also lessons online to ensure your clients get your services without having to come to the beauty salon or spa. Removing cancellation to ensure clients who aren’t feeling too well can feel free to cancel without fear of being penalised.

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Encouraging your employees to stay home when not feeling well and having them work in shifts can also reduce covid-19 transmission risks.

Cleaning your surfaces and disinfecting them frequently is another measure you should implement. Make sure your employees wash their hands frequently before and after they serve the clients. Keep communicating with your clients and provide online consultations instead of face-to-face ones.

Making sure your employees only travel when necessary can also help reduce the risk levels. Create new travel policies and explain to your staff why they are necessary. Let them understand that they should only travel when they have to. They should also tell you about the countries they intend to visit before they go and quarantine for 14 days after returning before resuming work.

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Rearrange the setting in the beauty salon to ensure there is a 1-meter distance between the seats. This will keep both clients and employees safer and reduce the risks of transmission.

Final Thoughts

Covid-19 has put a lot of strain on many business and you will need to adapt quickly if your are to survive. So remember to follow government advice and implement the tips in this post.

Are you experiencing a down turn in clients during this time? Get in touch and see how we can help.

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