Care tips for hair and nails. DIY beauty tips for you


Having good looking hair and skin is the need of the hour, both being a part and parcel of our personality. The value of the treasure sitting on our heads is deeply appreciated and with some TLC and follow of our care tips, you can begin to realise the beauty within.

Here are some care tips on how to maintain your hair till your next appointment

  • Washing hair regularly with shampoo which will remove sebum and environmental dirt. Moisturising your skull and hair regularly to prevent breakage, dryness and itchy skull.
  • Natural oils like Aloe Vera, Argan oil, Jamaican black castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil e.t.c are great for both skin and hair for so many reasons like irritation, dryness, hair growth and even skin conditions like eczema an acne. Simply apply a small amount to your skin or hair and massage well.
  • Conditioning your hair before and after a wash at least every 1 to 2 weeks.This helps your hair feel and look soft, untangled and no frizz. Hair conditioner is also good for damaged coarse hair and repairs weak strands.
  • Combing hair with a wide toothed comb prevents hair breakage and makes it easy to untangle hair.

Help your hair stay strong and less flaky by regularly maintaining it with the care tips above.

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Care tips for nails

Nails are fun and beautiful with shellac and acrylic however your natural nails require maintenance too.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash. Acrylic nails with red colour

For example:

  • Carefully removing artificial nails by simply dipping your nails in a bowl of nail remover. Do not break your nails with teeth or scissors because this will weaken your natural nails and will cause pain while taking off.
  • Trimming your natural nails contributes to their growth, strength and maintains personal hygiene because most times our nails carry dirt and germs under them which may contribute to spread of some infections.
  • Soaking your nails in a bowl of lemon juice and an oil of your choice is good practice for dry and brittle nails. It also helps fix nails that have been yellowed or turned brown by nail polishes.

We all have the ability to create the beauty we want to see- it starts within.
Happiness is knowing that you feel healthy and beautiful!

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