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Hot make-up trends for 2022


There is something about autumn that permits you to try new styles with your look. The weather is getting a bit colder, but you can still expect to see the sun now and then. You can style your hair, make-up, change your clothes and throw on stylish boots to usher in the new season.

However, with some simple make-up techniques, you can also convey that mood. Crazy how much a dash of lipstick in the ideal shade can transform your look. You stop feeling exhausted all the time, and you suddenly have exciting plans to fill the calendar. So to help you embrace the autumn, we have compiled a guide to the hottest makeup trends for this season. We urge you to enjoy the self-confidence-boosting effects of a new appearance.

Gemstone Eyes Make-up

Beautiful portrait of young woman on light makeup with rhinestones freckles on her face posing on a gray background
Photo by Oleg_Ermak from iStock

A recent beauty craze, gemstone skincare, is when you combine the benefits of gemstone healing with beauty products. Despite being popular, incorporating gemstones into beauty is not new. People have been mixing gems into their skincare regimens using items ranging from rose quartz-infused moisturizers to jade rollers because the trend is so successful. When you use crystals and gemstones in your beauty routine, you take holistic care of your mind, spirit, and body.

Underpainting Make-up

TikTok’s newest cosmetic frenzy, underpainting is more than just another passing online frenzy. Applying contour, highlight, and blush before foundation should be illegal? Right! However, professional makeup artists have been using underpainting for years. Underpainting has been a frequent practice since the renaissance of the 14th and 15th centuries, when artists used several layers of paint to give their works more definition. 

Beautiful and excited blond woman
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Underpainting is a technique for adding depth to the face by using concealer, contour, highlighter, and blush before applying foundation. The result is a more natural look.

The best part of underpainting is that if you already experiment with makeup, you will not need to buy anything new. The bare necessities are moisturizer, primer, concealer, contour, highlight, and blush.

When testing this trend, I discovered that moisturizer is an absolute must. A moisturizer base will prepare the skin for the direct colour application while avoiding patchiness and blending errors (trust me, I, unfortunately, learned that the hard way). Additionally, the extra moisture from the moisturizer aids in the creation of a dewy look.

After moisturizing, apply primer and concealer as you normally would, then put on contour, highlight, and blush depending on the look you are trying to achieve. You can go for a clean brighter filter or a smooth, buttery, and gorgeous appearance. You may decide to use creamy-based products rather than powder-based products. I would recommend that you experiment and see what works best for you!

Glazed Skin Routine

Dark skinned woman with glazed make-up
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While the skin will always be at its dewiest during the summer, you can glow all year round. You cannot get glazed doughnut skin without the right skincare routine, and there is no right skincare routine without the right components. Use a face steamer during your skincare routine to improve blood flow around your face. Some other products that can also boost your skin’s glow include cleanser, serums, hydration, and facial oils of all sorts. The cleanser is key to removing dirt, oil, grime, sweat salts, dead skin, and makeup residue from the skin. Apply a hydrating serum, preferably with ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. Avoid using facial oils if you have active acne or acne-prone skin.

Consistency is the key when it comes to skincare. The moment you get careless about it, you may put the dew and glow on your skin at risk. So, do the bare minimum, a.k.a. cleanse-tone-moisture at least. Protect your skin from sunlight, and pamper your skin with targeted serums that are meant for your skin type.

Bleached Brows Make-up

Lady smiling with bleached brows makeup on
Photo credit: Good faces on unsplash

Ready for something a bit crazy? Let’s talk about bleaching. No, not just your hair, your brows. 

Along with the resurgence of trends like skinny brows, bleached brows up the ante on the autumn look. It is less invasive than removing your hair and is a fun way to play with different looks. It draws attention to the eyes and is an editorial look that trends in real life, partially due to the DIY culture embraced by many during the lockdown.

Bleached brows also bring an aura of intrigue. Brows are an important facial feature for showing emotions. Now we can use them to express ourselves.

This autumn, express yourself. Makeup has many advantages, and with these trending styles, you can stay slay all through to the winter months. 

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