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As restrictions ease, make the most of these last few lockdown days to switch up your appearance. Makeup is fun and gives you the confidence to face the world every time you need it. Even though things seem to have slowed down, you can still be slaying with your makeup. There is still time to try a new look and emerge with a new style.

Trending Makeup Styles

The colourful lower-liner makeup: While indoors, apply this just above your lashes to create a uniform colour or use a shade lighter at the top for effect.

The glossy-eyeshadow: It is simple for you to need a few dots and then blend with your finger for a wet shiny look.

Bright Mascara: Out with the black, in with pink mascara for a bolder and mysterious look.

Pink lip makeup: Gives a bolder look compared to red lipstick. Combine with matte lipstick for a long-lasting look and more beautiful look.

“Floating” eyeliner: Instead of being just adjacent to lashes, it is placed above the eye crease but below the brow bone. Using a bright colour instead of the typical black or brown is trendy.

Check out these trending nail tips.

Fluffy full combed out brows also enhance eyes this year. Dewy, shiny skin is in and matte is out.

These tips styles will give you that will give you a confident and bright look. Makeup has many advantages and with these trending styles, you can stay slaying and mysterious. These makeup styles are meant to furnish you with a fine texture that and give the best look ever. They are made to match with several combinations of colours and skin tones.

Do you have any other makeup tips to share? Or have you tried some of the suggested styles? Drop us a comment, send an email or a DM.

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